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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty 9 logging question

On 01/02/2017 08:34, Chris Walker wrote:

I believe based on your original email you are using Jetty 9.4.x with
the /console-capture/ module installed. The easiest way to accomplish
the separation would be the following:

1. Copy the ${jetty.home}/etc/console-capture.xml file to
${jetty.base}/etc  (create the folder if it does not exist in ${jetty.base})
2. Edit the ${jetty.base}/etc/console-capture.xml file to remove the
redirect for stdout (line 25).

Thanks, Chris, this is exactly the solution I was looking for.

Perhaps in a future release, there could be a config parameter in start.ini to configure this? It seems unlikely that I'm the only one to want this feature, and copying and editing the underlying XML seems a little obscure...

Again, many thanks!
John English

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