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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty 9 logging question

On 24/01/2017 18:08, Chris Walker wrote:

Can you share how you had your logging setup in Jetty 8 in more detail?
The Jetty-specific logging implementation has remained largely
unchanged. Were you using a SLF4J implementation before?

Hi Chris,
So far I haven't been able to resolve this. As I said in my previous response last week, in Jetty 8 I just created a RolloverFileOutputStream in my jetty.xml and then use System.setErr (again, in jetty.xml) to redirect stderr to the stream. Since I posted the relevant setup from my jetty.xml I haven't had any response from anyone.

I see that RolloverFileOutputStream still exists in Jetty 9, but with the new module system I have absolutely no idea how to set it up, and I can't find any documentation about it (except of course for the API docs).

From the lack of response, I guess that this is either a very hard problem or so simple and stupid that no-one can be bothered to answer. I can't tell which it is, because it was extremely simple in Jetty 8 but seems to me to be very hard in Jetty 9. Please tell me it's something really simple and I'm just being stupid...

Please, I need an answer to this, otherwise migration to Jetty 9 is just not going to happen for us!

John English

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