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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.2.10.v20150310 Released!

The Jetty Project is happy to announce the release of Jetty 

 Jetty 9.2.10.v20150310

This release is considered a maintenance / bug release for users of
jetty-proxy and jetty-client.

The Highlights:

 A number of bug fixes related to the complex interaction between 
 jetty-client and jetty-proxy were addressed.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository.

Eclipse P2 repositories are available now.

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the
guided bugzilla page located here:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub

Finally, a reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through
Webtide (, feel free to contact us through that site
or ping me directly if you are interested in learning more.
Documentation PDF's are available for direct download on the website as well.

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.2.10.v20150310 - 10 March 2015
 + 445518 Provide different error callbacks to ProxyServlet.
 + 456521 ShutdownHandler should shut down more gracefully
 + 458140 Added DispatcherType support to RewriteHandler
 + 460769 ClientUpgradeRequest sends cookies in the wrong format
 + 460905 Make sure TimeoutCompleteListener is cancelled if the request cannot
   be sent.
 + 461070 Handle setReadListener on request with no content
 + 461133 allow stop port to reuse address
 + 461452 Double release of buffer by HttpReceiverOverHTTP
 + 461499 ConnectionPool may leak connections.
 + 461623 BufferUtil.writeTo does not update position consistently
 + 461643 HttpContent.advance() race.

Joakim Erdfelt <joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Expert advice, services and support from from the Jetty & CometD experts

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