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[jetty-users] Announcing latest Milestone of Jetty 9.3.0.M2

The Jetty Project is happy to announce the release of Jetty 

 Jetty 9.2.3.M2

 This is a milestone / alpha build of the (not yet stable) upcoming Jetty 9.3 release.
 This milestone has not been vetted for stability in a production capacity.

The Highlights:

 + Lots of HTTP/2 improvements, and updates for the latest draft specs.
 + New Jetty Client HTTP2 support.
 + Many many bug fixes.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository.

Eclipse P2 repositories are NOT AVAILABLE for this milestone.
(This process is complicated and has not yet reached a point where it
 is stable enough for the 9.3.0 milestones)

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the
guided bugzilla page located here:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub

Finally, a reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through
Webtide (, feel free to contact us through that site
or ping me directly if you are interested in learning more.
Documentation PDF's are available for direct download on the website as well.

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.3.0.M2 - 11 March 2015
 + 383207 Use BundleFileLocatorHelperFactory to obtain BundleFileLocatorHelper
 + 420944 Hot Deployment of WAR when Context XML exists doesn't trigger
 + 423974 Optimize flow control.
 + 424368 Add
 + 430951 Improved ordering of SSL ciphers
 + 439374 Use utf-8 as default charset for html
 + 440506 Jetty OSGi boot bundle does not support OSGi framework Eclipse
 + 443652 Remove dependency on classes
 + 445518 Provide different error callbacks to ProxyServlet.
 + 446564 Refactored RequestLog Mechanism
 + 447472 Clear async context timeout on async static content
 + 448446 org.eclipse.jetty.start.Main create classloader duplicate
 + 448944 Provide m2e lifecycle mapping metadata for jetty-jspc-maven-plugin
 + 449594 Handle ArrayTrie overflow with false return
 + 449811 handle unquoted etags when gzipping
 + 450467 Integer overflow in Session expiry calculation in MongoSessionManager
 + 450483 Missing parameterization of etc/jetty-deploy.xml.
 + 450484 Missing parameterization of etc/jetty-http[s].xml.
 + 450855 GzipFilter MIGHT_COMPRESS exception
 + 450873 Disable tests that downcaste wrapped GzipFilterResponses
 + 450894 does not delete JETTY_STATE at start
 + 451092 Connector will fail if HeaderListener return false.
 + 451529 Change sentinel class for finding jstl on classpath to 
 + 451634 DefaultServlet: useFileMappedBuffer javadoc is misleading
 + 451973 Ambiguous module init location when mixing --add-to-start &
   --add-to-startd in the same exec
 + 451974 Combine multiple start license acknowledgement into one
 + 452188 Delay dispatch until content optimisation
 + 452201 Set the container classloader for osgi during webbundle undeploy
 + 452246 Fixed SSL hang on last chunk
 + 452261 Ensure <jsp-file> works with new JettyJspServlet
 + 452322 Restore progress messages for --add-to-start(d) use
 + 452323 Start --list-config makes no hint on transitive enabled modules
 + 452329 Transitive modules in start.jar --add-to-start(d) are not added if
   enabled already in tree
 + 452424 Do not add Date header if already set
 + 452465 100% CPU spin on page reload.
 + 452503 Start.jar --add-to-start=jstl results in GraphException: Unable to
   expand property in name: jsp-impl/${jsp-impl}-jstl
 + 452516 Make HttpOutput aggregation size configurable.
 + 453386 Jetty not working when configuring QueuedThreadPool with
 + 453487 Recycle HttpChannelOverHTTP2
 + 453627 Fixed FileSystem test for nanosecond filesystems
 + 453629 Fixed big write test
 + 453636 Improved spin detection on test
 + 453793 _maxHeaderBytes>0 is not verified in parseNext() when in
 + 453801 Jetty does not check for already registered services when
 + 453829 removed code with yahoo copyright
 + 454152 Remove mux remnants from WebSocketClient
 + 454157 HttpInput.consumeAll spins if input is in async mode.
 + 454291 Added busy threads JMX attribute to QueuedThreadPool
 + 454773 SSLConnection use on Android client results in loop
 + 454952 Allow Jetty to run in Java 8 compact 3 profile
 + 454954 Jetty osgi should skip fragment and required bundles that are in the
   uninstalled state
 + 454955 OSGi AnnotationParser should skip resources that are not in the
   classpath and close the class inputstream when done scanning it
 + 454983 Source bundles should not be singleton
 + 455047 Update JASPI
 + 455174 jetty-plus JNDI tests should use unique JNDI paths
 + 455330 Multiple Jetty-ContextFilePath entries separated by commas doesn't
 + 455436 ProxyServlet sends two User-Agent values.
 + 455476 Persist updated session expiry time for MongoSessionManager
 + 455655 ensure multipart form-data parsing exception thrown to servlet
 + 455863 Fixed handling of multiple JETTY_ARGS
 + 456209 Bad ContextClassLoader in WebSocket onMessage
 + 456426 Exception on context undeploy from EnvConfiguration
 + 456486 Jar containing ServiceContainerInitializer impl not found in TCCL in
 + 456521 ShutdownHandler should shut down more gracefully
 + 456956 Reduce ThreadLocal.remove() weak reference garbage
 + 457017 Reflective call to websocket methods that fail have ambiguous
 + 457032 Request sent from a failed CompleteListener due to connect timeout is
   failed immediately.
 + 457130 HTTPS request with IP host and HTTP proxy throws
 + 457696 JMX implementation should not be overridden by WebApp classes
 + 457893 Close temp jar resource
 + 458101 added test for maxFormContentSize
 + 458140 Added DispatcherType support to RewriteHandler
 + 458174 Example Jar Server
 + 458175 multipart annotation on lazily loaded servlet does not work
 + 458209 Length check for HttpMethod MOVE lookahead
 + 458354 negotiation.
 + 458495 CompletableCallback may not notify failures.
 + 458527 Implement an async proxy servlet that can perform content
 + 458568 JDBCLoginService javadoc incorrectly references HashLoginService
 + 458663 Handle null header values
 + 458849 org.eclipse.jetty.util.Uptime.DefaultImpl() not available on GAE
 + 459006 master branch does not build on norwegian locale
 + 459081 http2 push failures.
 + 459125 GzipHandler default mimeType behavior incorrect
 + 459273 Redundant license notices
 + 459352 AsyncMiddleManServlet should set "Host:" header correctly in proxy to
   remote request headers.
 + 459490 Defining a duplicate error page in webdefault.xml and web.xml results
   in an error
 + 459542 AsyncMiddleManServlet race condition on first download content.
 + 459560 handles start.d and no start.ini
 + 459655 Remove SPDY and NPN
 + 459681 Remove dead code after removal of glassfish jasper support
 + 459731 Update for drafts hpack-11 and http2-17
 + 459769 AsyncMiddleManServlet race condition on last download content.
 + 459845 Support upgrade from http1 to http2/websocket
 + 459963 Failure writing content of a committed request leaks connections.
 + 460176 When checking for precompiled jsp, ensure classname is present
 + 460180 Jaas demo has wrong doco in html
 + 460210 ExecutionStragegy producer for SelectManager calls onOpen from
   produce method
 + 460211 Fixed Idle race in ExecuteProduceRun
 + 460291 AsyncGzipFilter Mappings
 + 460371 AsyncMiddleManServlet.GZipContentTransformer fails if last transform
   has no output
 + 460372 if web.xml does not contain jspc maven plugin insertionMarker
   behavior is wrong
 + 460443 Race condition releasing the response buffer.
 + 460642 HttpParser error 400 can expose previous buffer contents in HTTP
   status reason message
 + 460670 Support multiple names in <Property> elements.
 + 460769 ClientUpgradeRequest sends cookies in the wrong format
 + 460905 Make sure TimeoutCompleteListener is cancelled if the request cannot
   be sent.
 + 461052 Local streams created after INITIAL_WINDOW_SIZE setting have wrong
   send window.
 + 461070 Handle setReadListener on request with no content
 + 461133 allow stop port to reuse address
 + 461350 Update HttpParser IllegalCharacter handling to RFC7230
 + 461452 Double release of buffer by HttpReceiverOverHTTP
 + 461499 ConnectionPool may leak connections.
 + 461623 BufferUtil.writeTo does not update position consistently
 + 461643 HttpContent.advance() race.

Joakim Erdfelt <joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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