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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.0.M3 available

We have released a new milestone of Jetty 9.

It is available from maven central and the normal download location at eclipse:

Some highlights of this release:

- jetty-maven-plugin available from eclipse now, new coordinates are
- improved spdy support for bleeding edge browsers
- documentation is coming along nicely, check it out at  (fork on github
and contribute!)



We have fixed the following issues:

jetty-9.0.0.M3 - 20 November 2012
 + 391623 Add option to --stop to wait for target jetty to stop
 + 392237 Port test-integration to jetty-9
 + 392492 expect headers only examined for requests>=HTTP/1.1
 + 392850 ContextLoaderListener not called in 9.0.0.M1 and M2
 + 393075 1xx, 204, 304 responses ignore headers that suggest content
 + 393832 start connectors last
 + 393947 additional tests
 + 394143 add jetty-all aggregate via release profile
 + 394144 add jetty-jaspi
 + 394215 Scheduled tasks throwing exceptions kill java.util.Timer thread.
 + 394232 add jetty-ant into jetty9
 + 394357 Make JarResource constructors protected
 + 394370 Add unit tests for HttpTransportOverSPDY.send()
 + 394383 add logging of the SSLEngine
 + 394541 Add continuation jar and websocket jars to test-jetty-webapp
 + 394545 Add jetty-jaas dependency to jetty-maven-plugin
 + 394671 Fix setting loglevel on commandline, organize import, fix javadoc
 + JETTY-846 Support maven-war-plugin configuration for jetty-maven-plugin; fix

jesse mcconnell

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