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Re: [jetty-users] Recommended database resident message queueing system? JMS?

On 05/22/2011 10:54 PM, Mike Pilone wrote:
I've had really good luck with Spring Integration. It comes with a Jdbc Message Adapter that can read and write messages to a jdbc source. The framework abstracts most of the underlying messaging system so you could look at scaling up to jms in the future if you need it.

Thanks Mike. I had a look at Spring a couple of years ago, and it felt a bit like Struts did almost 10 years ago .. powerful, but hard to get into. I've ended up with a lot of servlet/jsp shennanigans of my own and have ended up writing a bit of MVC style routing myself, so it's starting to look like I should move to Spring, which seems to be the modern MVC framework people are using.

I'm not sure I should start tying myself to Spring's implementation, though. Guess I have some soul searching to do about whether I want to jump to jms now and avoid future refactorings.

I'd still like to find a JMS implementation that lets me use the JMS api while retaining low memory footprint and keeping it all in the same JVM. I'm wanting the database transaction behaviour, and the reliability of the JMS API, not the distributed nature and scalability of the thing, yet. Spring would give me that behaviour, but it's a lot to take in for this single requirement.


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