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[jetty-users] Recommended database resident message queueing system? JMS?

Hi all,

I'm fishing for ideas. I currently have a 'queue' thread started by a load-on-startup servlet, which listens to a ArrayBlockingQueue, so other threads can push objects onto the queue and the 'queue' thread picks them up and acts on them. It's basically an inter-thread messaging system.

I now want to make the 'queue' database transaction dependent, so if a rollback of the transaction is done, it also rolls back the queue event objects.

This seems to be what JMS would bring to the table, probably using ActiveMQ. However, it seems quite a complicated framework to bring into my project at this stage. I'd rather not have to run the ActiveMQ message broker as a separate thread, and all the system resources that would entail, given that all my clients of the MQ would be local. From a glance at ActiveMQ, it seems to require this out-of-process broker.

Would anyone recommend another queued event system, like ActiveMQ, that would let me do this all in-process to my main app? I currently use MySQL, but anything that works over JDBC should be fine. I use Hibernate extensively but I wouldn't expect this queue system to require that at all.

Thanks for any pointers.

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