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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty 7 webapp A port A webapp B port B


This info is already on the jetty @ eclipse wiki for

and just for good measure see also:


On 28/09/10 14:40, Greg Wilkins wrote:

the basic approaches outlined in the jetty-6 documentation should
apply to jetty-7, with mainly just package name changes.   I'll make
sure this page is on our list of documentation to update in the
near(ish) future.

You can either run two completely different jetty instances (copy
jetty.xml to jetty2.xml and then change the id in the Configure tag to
Server2 and run both jetty.xml and jetty2.xml as config files); or run
1 jetty server, but use the host names (virtual or otherwise) to route
the request to the right context.


On 26 September 2010 02:16, Christopher Armstrong<chstrong@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Hey there,

I just downloaded and installed Jetty 7 but there is still some lack in
documentation. I'm trying to find out how to configure Jetty 7 to do what is
described in the link below. I want to run 2 Grails applications. The
applications should run each on a different port on the same server with
different jetty instances. Apache is running in front of Jetty using
mod_proxy. Grails apps have some problems, running within the same jetty
instance. There are some conflicts between libraries. ->  Apache ProxyPass within VirtualHost directive ->  Jetty ->  Apache ProxyPass within VirtualHost directive ->  Jetty 8082
Doc from Jetty 6 that does not work with Jetty 7:
Do you have any docs or examples on that? I tried to find a book about jetty
but it seems that there is nothing there yet.
I'm running jetty-7.1.6.v20100715 on Debian with Apache2.
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