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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty really not Java EE compatible?

And we have some of the javaee-style features as extras that
you can optionally deploy, such as support for annotations,
support for JNDI, JAAS, JASPI etc. We have a special distribution
of jetty called Hightide[1] that has these javaee features already
wired up and is replete with a JTA implementation (Atomikos)
as well.

If you want further features like ejbs, jpa etc etc then
jetty's design allows you to plug in your favourite



On 04/08/10 23:28, Julio Viegas wrote:
Specially if you base your project upon Spring, which is "de facto"
standard nowadays for enterprise/corporate Java, JEE full stack
container certification doesn't matters anymore.

I run my company critical business using Spring+Jetty combo and I'm
very happy about it. Very stable, fast, secure, etc, etc...

JV --

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 09:49, Jesse McConnell<jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
jetty is not a java ee server in the same way that tomcat is not a
java ee server and geronimo _is_

jetty is a java web server and servlet engine, one part of the java ee
stack that implements the servlet-api

we don't care (from an implementation perspective) about all the rest
of the goop in java ee

geronimo and jboss are both java EE servers and jetty and be used as
the servlet container in both of them

if all you have is a war file, then a servlet container is enough, if
you need a ear file to deploy ejb's all that sort of java ee stuff
then you need something that deploys ear files.


jesse mcconnell

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 07:42, Ben Stover<bxstover@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
When I go the following web page then there is said that Jetty is NOT java EE compatible.

Is this true?

What kind of compatibility is missing in detail?


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