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Re: [jdt-dev] "clean up" again

On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 11:53 AM Andrey Loskutov <loskutov@xxxxxx> wrote:
> An OSS project community that is not willing to welcome and train new contributors is IMO putting an extremely high risk on the project
This is simply not true.  I personally monitor & reply on bugs and assist people that provide *real* fixes to JDT, and I know Stephan does lot of bug processing for incoming compiler issues. We *welcome* *real* contributions, if they are not just "automatic mass cleanups".

Just to clarify, my previous sentence is a general statement, and I don't think JDT is in such a bad shape nor that the project is totally unwelcoming. I think JDT is willing to train new contributors and there are multiple examples of them. We're talking about 1 change that raised some conflict, but we must also take into account all the other ones from relatively new contributors that didn't bring any issue; to realize that the trend is definitely positive in JDT despite this current glitch (and also to realize that we tend to focus on what's bad when most indicators are good).
I just wrote that to remind people of the importance of being that open and welcoming, and of trying to be even more; not as a specific criticism.
(although I agree in that context, my intent wasn't very clear and it could totally sound like a total and unfair criticism against JDT).

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