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[jdt-dev] Bug 532029 - How to get started?

Hi everyone,

I discovered the last days that Bug 532029 is still open. Since I am interested into getting JMH to be run with ejc I wanted a little bit to dig into the problem. 

However, I have a hard time to set up my developer workspace for 4.13 development on JDT core.
Is there eventually a team project set file or a resource that tells me which plugins I need to import and which version of the dependencies are currently worked with?

Thank you very much for your input.

Best regards,
Lars Schütze 
M.Sc. Lars Schütze
Research Assistant
Technische Universität Dresden
Chair for Compiler Construction
Helmholtzstrasse 18, 01069 Dresden, BAR III57
Mail: lars.schuetze@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: +49 (351) 463-43733
Fax: +49 (351) 463-39995

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