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[jdt-dev] ecj 4.12 and split packages

Dear all,

We are using Java 11 on a project with split packages. Right now we're compiling with ecj 4.9 and it compiles without errors. We're now trying to migrate to ecj 4.12. I have been following the discussions on bug 536928 [1] and StackOverflow [2] and I understand that we need to get rid of the split packages.

We have removed some of the split packages and ecj 4.12 is now able to compile our code without errors. According to the jsplitpkgscan [3] tool, we still have split packages left.

1. Question: is it correct that ecj doesn't tell us that we have some split packages left and compiles without error? I would have expected the compiler to complain as long as we have some split packages left.

2. We have also noticed that *sometimes*, ecj 4.12 reports errors on types not being accessible, for example "The type javax.naming.NamingException is not accessible" or "The type javax.xml.xpath.XPathConstants is not accessible". After a few commits (which don't change the classpath), these errors disappear only to come back again for one build or so then disappear again. So it seems like depending on how the code is analyzed by the compiler, problems are sometimes detected sometimes not.

Thanks for clarifying #1 and any hints on how to deal with #2.



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