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[jdt-dev] Problem with top level package names and sourceforge


I have two closely inter-related (simple?) problems with packages and
CVS which seem to make Eclipse unsuable for me currently :-(

I had an existing package stucture in a directory d:\projects\swapdv
The classes in that directory have "package swapdv" as their first
lines, as normal.

I cannot work out how to get Eclipse to allow me to simply specify this
directory as my Java project and get the classpaths correct. All the top
level classes have this error:
"Package declaration does not match folder. Expected folder is

Can this be fixed? I worked around this problem by putting the swapdv
directory INTO a swapdv directory (e.g. now the package sources are in
d:\projects\swapdv\swapdv and the project is d:\projecys\swapdv)

That all worked (albeit with a workaround).

Unfortunately I *really* wanted to use the built in CVS functions to
work with a sourceforge project. So, starting from scratch, I specified
the sourceforge repository (/cvsroot/swapdv) and created a new project
"d:\projects\swapdv". Now I can ONLY manage to "catch up" (or sync
stream) if I specify the root of the project workspace (swapdv) (it
fails if I create an empty package called "swapdv" in that workspace and
try to sync that) and when it does sync with the workspace I've got all
the folders directly under the swapdv workspace folder - and Eclipse
doesn't like the package specifications again (see above).

Can anyone offer me any advice?


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