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Re: [jdt-dev] Problem with top level package names and sourceforge

Jonathan Trevor wrote:
Can anyone offer me any advice?

unfortunately i cannot offer advice.

however, i can 'chime in' and say this is a showstopper for me on many projects. on cvs projects for which i do use it, i fork the tree, and create directory structure which mirrors the package structure. then i use the fantastic jdt tooling to work for a few hours, and my productivity soars. however then it comes to time for a commit, and i manually sync with my CVS working copy before i commit my changes; productivity is in the sewer.

eclipse is cool enough that this is worth my while for projects i work on for >5 hours/day. however if i just want to download ant and read some source, i can't do it in eclipse.

however, i feel this should not be necessary. eclipse could be more accomodating in this regard, simply because other tools are. e.g. with javac, i can have a messy pile of files in arbitrary packages in a arbitrary directory structure which is totally different from the package structure, and it Just Works so long as those directories are on the 'sourcepath'. javac looks at the package statement in the class source, not at the folder structure, and i think this is the way it should be.

for the record; i think it is better style for the directory structure to match the package structure, but i for one have inherited source trees where this was not the case. that is why i think eclipse needs to support this.

eclipse is a great system but the false coupling between packages and directories is holding it back IMHO.


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