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[jdt-dev] Input for JDTTest Plan

Compare and Java Compare:

Setup: load JUnit from repository (not by importing)

- Compare
      structure compare
            copy a CU and modify the copy by adding, removing, changing
            swap the position of some members
            then 'Compare with Each Other'
                  the pane on the right hand side should show the
structural changes of the CU
                  ensure that no structural changes are shown for swapped
            copy members both in text and in structure compare mode
      'Ignore Whitespace' in preference page
            initial value of 'Ignore Whitespace' option in Compare Editors
is taken from pref page
            modify a copy of a CU by changing the formatting (e.g.
symmetric asignment) and changing comments
            compare with 'ignore whitespace' turned on and off
      Syntax highlighting
            change Java syntax highlighting colors: compare viewer should
update automatically
      background colors
            test compare with various Windows appearance settings (e.g.
high contrast black)
            (if you are comparing Java sources you'll have to change some
syntax highlighting colors in order to keep the text always visible)
      stepping through changes
            a dialog should appear when reaching the end or beginning
      leak scenario
            work in a Compare Editor for some time
            after closing the editor verify that no leaks exist

- Local History
      Compare with local history
            select one of the modified resources from above and 'Compare
with local history'
            verify that the structure compare pane shows the affected
      Compare java elements with local history
            select one of the affected members from above in outliner and
perform a 'Compare Element with local history'
                  only those local history items should be listed where the
selected member contains a change
      do the same for 'Replace with local history'
      Add from local history
            rename or remove resources (e.g. java files) from a container
            select the container and perform 'Add from local history'
                  the dialog should list all resources that are no longer
available in the workspace
            close dialog and select the enclosing project
            again do 'Add from local history'
                  now the dialog should list the resources with a path name
relative to the project
            select the resource and watch their entries in the local
history in the right hand pane
            always select the oldest entry and continue with the next
resource on the left hand side
            if at end select first resource and verify that the oldest
history item is still selected
            mark the checkboxes on some resources and dismiss dialog with
'Add" button
      Add Java Element from local history
            rename or remove a method or field in the outliner of a Java CU
            select the type containg the deleted members and perform 'Add
from local history'
                  the dialog should list the members that are no longer
contained in the type
            select a member and dismiss dialog with 'Add' button
                  member should be inserted in type

- Patch
      bringing the workspace back to its initial state by reverse applying
a patch
            create a patch for the modified JUnit project either in a file
or in clipboard
            open patch wizard and apply the patch to the JUnit project
            check 'reverse' option
                  ensure that everything matches and no error occur
                  (it may be necessary to turn on 'Ignore whitespace' if
the JUnit project has been checked into repository in 'binary' mode)
            apply patch with 'Finish'
                  compare the JUnit project with latest from repository:
there should be no changes

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