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[jdt-dev] Input for JDTTest Plan

Enclosed my suggestions what to test during the upcoming test phase:

GTK (JDT-UI part):
      - test layout and size of dialogs, preference pages, property pages
and wizards.
      - specially look at compare where we do some tricks with hiding
scrollbars etc.
      - speed of editor (lots of custom drawing)
      - flashing of view in refresh (redraw on/off setting)
      - adding of methods and reconcile (outliner, packages view).

      - refactor read-only files
      - use pessimistic team provider (Kai-Uwe or Adam know where to get
it) together with
        refactoring. E.g refactor file that are not checked out.
      - Test Self Encapsulate Field and Surround with try/catch... (new
      - Test Rename & Move. Especially corner cases that aren't allowed,
since precondition
         checking got recoded for these refactorings.
      - Test Refactoring with auto-build on and unsaved files. There should
only be an auto-build
         when pressing finish or cancel, not after saving files.
      - Test Preview page of refactoring wizard:
         o tool bar buttons (arrow up, down)
         o uncheck items (compare adjusts)
         o perform refactoring with unchecked items
      - Undo/Redo (got partly recoded for M6)
        o perform undo/redo
        o perform undo/redo with unsaved files not affected by the undo
        o perform undo/redo with unsaved files effected by the undo.
        o perform build after refactoring and ensure that undo is still
        o change Java element: ensure that undo stack gets flushed.

      - test replace in Text/File search (available via context menu on
search result).

      - have an eye on enabled and disabled menu items in the global tool
bar (e.g. right enablement
      - context menus should not contain disabled menu items except cut,
copy paste.
      - have an eye on icons (we got new icons this week).

Leak scenarios:
      - Rename and Move refactorings create a lot of temporary working
copies. Make sure that they
        get garbage collected (destroyed).
      - most of our global actions are now a selection change listener.
Make sure that we don't leak any
        view when closing it because an action is still registered
somewhere as a selection listener.

Performace/Memory scenarios:
      - Rename a class that has a lot of references (for example IResource
form org.eclipse.core.resources).
      - Push up a field from a class that has a lot of subclasses (for
example push up a field of an action into
         the Action class.

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