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[jdt-dev] some test scenarios from me

1. performing operations from the 'source' and 'refactor' menus on files with syntax errors

2. performing operations from the 'source' and 'refactor' menus on read-only files

3. reorg action enablement - verify that they are enabled iff they should be (or you think they should be)

4. out of synch files - modify (or even delete) a file on disk and try perfroming various actions in such a state

5. copy with rename - verify that you are asked for a new name when copying java elements (above cu level) and resources to their
own parent containers

6. dnd source elements as copy/move/link (link is achieved by pressing ctrl+shift and should create method stubs in target class)

7. dnd enablement - verify that is dnd is correctly enabled/disabled when copying/moving elements

8. deleting fields should prompt for deleting of getter/setter (if set in preferences)

9. getter/setter creation dialog (try running the action from different points - editor with various selections, views with various

10. copy/paste of elements on Linux - there were random problems in automated tests

11. refactoring and source actions with different line delimiters

12. verify that refactoring honors code formatter settings (including spaces for tabs)

13. verify that 'organize imports' is smarter now and does not import classes from crypto packages on jdk 1.4


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