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[jdt-dev] JDT Test Plan(s)

Here is some information on the JDT test plan(s).

Before we start the test pass I'd like us to lean back
for 1-2 hours and think of interesting scenarios
and areas that we should test in the code you own.
The more interesting scenarios the more interesting the testing...
Obviously we also have to cover the more boring stuff...
With this input we will then furnish  test plans and assign the items.
I'd welcome anybody inside and outside of the team
to contribute to both coming up with scenarios  and the actual testing.

Here is the kind of testing I want to see happen during this
test pass:

*     function testing
      test new 2.0 functionality.
      We have to cover corner cases. The main stream
      scenarios is well covered by our self hosting.

*     leak testing
      define scenarios for leak testing, e.g. open a Java editor
      close it and verify that it is really gone.

*     accessibility testing

*     performance/scalability testing
      -     test and measure performance scenarios
            e.g. open  a type hierarchy on Object.
      -     develop in a full source self hosting

*     platform testing
      verify that the JDT behaves properly (e.g. layout of dialog) on
      other platforms (GTK, Motif, Win).

*     end to end testing
      test the fitness of eclipse end to end, slurp in
      existing code from other tools or from CVS repositories, e.g. Ant.
      Bring the code in eclipse: build, search, debug and deploy it again.

First iterations on the test plan will be published early Wednesday


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