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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] How to build the Platform TCK to target JDK8 but support running with JDK11?

Hi Scott,

While we continue the discussion on this, I will try to run couple of standalone TCKs in JDK11 and experiment.
I will try to add an option in the script to run on JDK8 or JDK11 and also to keep a separate ts.jte(say ts.jte.jdk11) for jdk11 run.


On 01/07/20 1:00 am, Scott Marlow wrote:
Hi Alwin,

Thanks for raising these points! :-)

On 6/30/20 1:52 PM, Alwin Joseph wrote:
Hi Scott,

Can you please help confirm or correct me on the below 2 statements.

1. The final TCK bundle should be built with JDK11 only. We will not build the platform TCK using JDK8.

We should target generating JDK8 classes, so that compatible implementations may also run with JDK8.

From states:
Java SE Version

For inclusion in Jakarta EE 9, specification’s APIs MUST be compiled at the Java SE 8 source level. However, compatible implementations of the Jakarta EE 9 Web Profile and Full Profile MUST certify compatibility on Java SE 11. Compatible Implementations MAY additionally certify and support Java SE 8.

Excellent point to raise, the hard requirement is that our build generates JDK8 classes, although we could also generate separate JDK8 + JDK11 TCK bundles.

IMO, we could stick with building with JDK8, which is less work than switching to building with JDK11.  I will update the $subject to reflect this point. :)

2. The final TCK bundle should be used to run tests on both JDK8 & JDK11.

We must run/pass the final TCK bundle on JDK11, as per above linked JakartaEE9ReleasePlan.

Since we expect that EE 9 compatible implementations could also run on JDK 8, I think that we should also run against JDK8 ourselves (so that we know that its possible).  IMO, we should next focus on passing completely with JDK11, so that we finish that first.  Then, we should also pass completely with JDK8.




On 30/06/20 8:14 pm, Scott Marlow wrote:
It would be good to get started on building with JDK11, however, we do need to target JDK8 so that the EE 9 TCKs also can run on JDK 8 as well.

Has anyone tried building the Platform TCK against JDK 11 yet?  The same question for the Standalone TCKs?

Issue #213 [1] is the general issue for JDK 11 support (Alwin already installed JDK 11 via JDK11_HOME=/opt/jdk-11.0.7) + issue#145 [2] is a related issue.

I'm trying to build the Platform TCK locally with JDK 11 using [3], I have some additional local changes that I will push later and also share what I see.



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