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[jakartaee-tck-dev] How to build the Platform TCK with JDK11?

It would be good to get started on building with JDK11, however, we do need to target JDK8 so that the EE 9 TCKs also can run on JDK 8 as well.

Has anyone tried building the Platform TCK against JDK 11 yet?  The same question for the Standalone TCKs?

Issue #213 [1] is the general issue for JDK 11 support (Alwin already installed JDK 11 via JDK11_HOME=/opt/jdk-11.0.7) + issue#145 [2] is a related issue.

I'm trying to build the Platform TCK locally with JDK 11 using [3], I have some additional local changes that I will push later and also share what I see.



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