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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Moving MicroProfile JWT to Jakarta Security?

Hey All,

A couple notes on various things mentioned in this thread.

# Technical

MP JWT does define bindings for EJB, Servlets, JACC, JASPIC, etc.


These have been there since MP JWT 1.0.  If we wanted to expand that and bolster the TCK tests in MP JWT, this is not a problem.  There are no technical limitations that would prevent us from defining in MP JWT how MP JWT ties into Jakarta Security, Jakarta Servlets or any Jakarta spec.

# Procedural

In CN4J we did agree to some technical principles.  One of them is that duplication should be avoided.


Copying MP JWT would violate the principles we agreed on.  The process for getting agreement between the two groups for a move is basically:

 - Create a proposal and get a member of each WG to sponsor (endorse) it
 - Once sponsored, both WGs independently vote to approve it
 - If both WGs agree, it can move forward

Hope this helps.


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