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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Status of Platform TCK

(Resending to Platform Dev list)

In yesterday's Platform committer team meeting, I volunteered to find the status of the Platform TCK

As of this morning, the proposed final TCK is in the process of validation runs against Eclipse GlassFish. If the build results (EE 10 Platform JDK 11 + JDK 17 and EE 10 Web Profile JDK 11 and JDK 17) all pass as expected, this latest build will be promoted as final candidate. There was a logging issue that was causing test time-outs and that issue appears to be corrected now.

Anyone keen on the gory progress details can follow along by reviewing the pre-ballot checklist progress from the following

Prior to ballot

Concurrency Utilities must release their final TCK for Web Profile. I would recommend their clearest signal of this would be to submit a PR to update the Concurrency Utilities Specification Page

All vendor product releases (final, staged, etc.) must be completed by their respective organizations (we just need the link to their product)

The CCR(s) must be complete and in review (primarily the TCK data must be finalized and the vendor teem must indicate they have completed their processes)

  • EE 10 Platform PR for GlassFish 7, M7 points to previous Platform TCK (since the latest is not yet released) and original concurrency TCK
  • I don't see a CCR for any web-profile compatible product yet. I know that Eclipse GlassFish is likely to pass. I hope we see a CCR for Web Profile shortly.

The Specification Team (in this case, a representative of this group) must give the go-ahead for the final ballot to start.

-- Ed

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