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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta EE Technical Developer Survey -- Seeking input


This Fall, the Jakarta EE Marketing committee is planning to run a developer oriented semi-technical survey of the broader Jakarta EE developer community. We are currently seeking input from Jakarta EE product developers, Specification Committers and our Committer teams, regarding specific questions you might like to see asked of our community.

I'd like to issue a particular call out to those of us currently working to evolve Jakarta EE specifications to please consider questions you, or your committer team might like to ask the general community about your specific specification interests.

Specifically, if you are contemplating feature changes for a specification you are associated with and would like to ask the community about those features, the Marketing committee would like to work directly with you to determine if we can effectively collect community feedback to aid your efforts.

If you are interested, please reach out directly to me, or any member of the EE Marketing Committee. You can also reach the Marketing Committee via our public e-mail list (though you must be a subscriber):

We are working to finalize the questionnaire in the next couple of weeks so please get back to us soon (definitely before the end of August), if you are interested in placing any questions into the survey.

Thank you!

-- Ed Bratt

Jakarta EE Marketing Committee

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