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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Batch target namespace

Just to iterate Bill's points...  If you are considering adding the "batch" qualifier to the namespace url just out of caution, a potential for future conflicts...  Then I would hold off.  I would stick with the proposed  As Bill pointed out on the call, we've been using this common namespace for a long, long time in Java EE and now Jakarta EE.  Until it becomes an issue, I wouldn't complicate it.  And, if it does become an issue down the line for Batch or any other component that owns a Schema, then changing the namespace is doable.  Yes, there would be an impact, but that's only if namespace clashes would start to get introduced.

Kevin Sutter
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From:        Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        03/24/2020 21:57
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The URI referring to the schema and the XML namespace used by the elements in the schema are different things.  You don't need to add the qualifier to the URI since the name itself is more than unique enough (unless you're worried about two specs defining a schema named "jobXML").

The schema namespace controls the scope of the schema element names, and is independent of the name of the schema file.  Many of our schemas share some common element definitions in (previously) javaee_8.xsd.  If you have no need to share any of those common definitions, or are worried about defining new elements that might conflict with those common definitions, you can define a new namespace, and use a different prefix to represent that namespace.

Despite the above, please do think about compatibility from one version of your schema to the next.  If someone has a file using that schema, what's the minimum they need to change to convert that file to use the new version of the schema?  We tried to define our schemas in an upwards compatible way, so that all you needed to change was the URI and the version attribute.  If you also need to change the namespace, and the namespace prefix, and the elements names, and ... then it's going to be painful for developers.

Scott Kurz wrote on 3/24/20 9:13 AM:
On the platform call day (minutes:
we discussed schema / XML namespace issues including
Though we decided it was a good recommendation to move schemas like batch from namespace, to new namespace
I think I like an extra qualifier) better.   True, there's no document currently that would pull in elements of batch and another spec sharing this namespace, but what if there were. 
Since the publishing process doesn't depend on batch being in this common namespace, I'm going to move it out if no one objects.
Scott Kurz
WebSphere Batch and Developer Experience


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