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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] "voting" privileges

I've drafted and discarded at least 4 responses to this message.

There is no one right way to make decisions for the platform.  There are reasons to support any of the proposed approaches, but I don't find any of them so compelling that they stand out from the rest.  I'm not even convinced that my preferred approach is the best approach.

We purposely made some changes to how the JCP did things for years.  Instead of having a single Spec Lead, we now have a team of people.  I think we should start by letting that team self-organize, as has been happening so far.  I think it's too early to declare that approach a failure and to open up the decision making body even further.  We can anticipate some of the potential failure modes for the current approach (which I'll call "decisions by platform project team committers") so let's work to mitigate those risks rather than change to a completely different approach (e.g.,  something like what Kevin described - "decisions by representatives of all the major components").

So, I think we should do as Kevin described and "fall back to our original premise to trust the committer reps on the Platform project to take into account all of the various component's views when they cast their vote."  After all, I believe that's the job of a platform project committer.

And let's do this in an open and transparent manner so that community members can point out where we've failed to take into account the needs of the entire platform.

Kevin Sutter wrote on 11/14/19 8:45 AM:
On our Platform Dev call on Tuesday (minutes soon to be posted here:, we discussed who should be eligible to vote on the Jakarta EE 9 content proposals.  We decided that only thecommitters on the Platform projectwould be eligible.

But, on second thought, I'm wondering if that's sufficient.  The Jakarta EE 9 roadmap that we're trying to get agreement on affects all of the Jakarta EE components, not just the platform.  I know we discussed that the reps on the Platform should be representing their overall interests (including components) and not just the Platform.  But, is that sufficient?

On yesterday's Jakarta EE Updatecall, there was discussion about how much work it is to Jakarta-ize the Specifications.  And, we talked about the work required to do the javax->jakarta package rename (spec, api, tck, compatible impls, etc).  Markus presented and discussed these topics on how they relate to the JAX-RS effort.  Markus is not directly represented on the Platform project -- that is, he doesn't work for or with any of the committers.  He is driving much of the work for the JAX-RS effort.  How do we ensure that voices (like Markus') from all of the Component features are heard and counted when we make the decisions for Jakarta EE 9?

One idea is to expand our eligible voting pool to include any committer on any of the EE4J Specification projects.  I have no idea on how easy it would be discern or filter the various votes, but that seems to be a more equitable means of voting.

Or, we can fall back to our original premise to trust the committer reps on the Platform project to take into account all of the various component's views when they cast their vote.


Kevin Sutter
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