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[jakartaee-examples-dev] TheLearningServlet



I have reworked a very basic example of how to code a servlet from my EE course in such a way that it might be of interest to the examples. It is excessively commented so there is no need for an accompanying blog post to explain it. It is very elementary and on Twitter, where I announced it on Friday, I was asked who still codes servlets. My response was that servlets are the shoulders upon which may modern frameworks sit upon. Since Friday a few minor issues were brought to my attention that I have corrected. You can see it at and I’d like to see this in the GitHub repository for this group. Any comments, corrections, or criticisms are welcome. I have numerous examples that deal with JSF, a little JPA and some older JSP work all written for students to help them understand EE coding in the project course that this code comes from that I think should be part of examples.


I’d also like to discuss how the examples are presented on GitHub. A single project with multiple packages may not be as friendly as it could be. I’d like to see a collection of projects or sub projects, each one independent. I don’t know if GitHub supports this approach for a single repo. I’d be happy to host a Zoom meeting to discuss this.


Be safe and be well,


Ken Fogel



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