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Re: [] Poll on CDI + Batch - Please Help!

As a last reminder, the poll on how to best align CDI and Jakarta Batch ends on Wednesday the 15th. While there have been a few votes, they are still less than a hundred. It's important to get your input and get this right as this is something that does have platform wide implications.

Here is the survey link again:

On 11/19/2021 8:58 AM, Reza Rahman wrote:

The Batch specification has been trying hard to get some input on how to best move forward with CDI alignment for Jakarta EE 10. To make providing input as easy as possible, there is now a poll: The project lead has provided very nice background information on the issue in this summary I encourage you to read: There is also this lengthier discussion if you have a bit more time:

The heart of the issue is whether Batch should follow the precedent of Servlet, REST, etc and simply enable @Inject in its artifacts by default. What Batch does today is have you explicitly turn Batch artifacts into CDI beans for @Inject to really work. While the current question is about Batch, this is actually a platform wide concern as you can see.

Please take a moment to weigh in - especially as end users of Jakarta EE. I am really hoping the reason there has been so little input so far is that we have not been reaching out in the right channels.

Reza Rahman
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