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Re: [] [JakartaONE Champions Program- THANK YOU] Swag request for Committee & Speakers #221

Hola wonderful Jakartee Coco, 

It would be amazing if you and your strong regional community would consider volunteering for a JakartaONE in 2021!  :) 

  1. JakartaONE Drive:  visiting the Jakarta EE website under tab Resources access to the google drive space: Jakarta EE Community Folder (google drive). JakartaONE folder contains important events and past (current ) data. The most careful documentation and details of the JakartaONE process have been captured by the formidable JakartaONE Español committee HERE.  
  2. JakartaONE crude bare to minimal guidelines: to get anyone started on what it takes to create a JakartaONE skeleton is still in a google format awaiting more Livestreams to help shape the JakartaONE repo process--  documentation section.
  3. JakartaONE Repository: Most of the events' tasks & work have been placed in the JakartaONE repo.  
  • Though each event committee can choose to skip working in the Repo, not bringing that level of visibility, transparency, and fun on how the event is taking shape... is not healthy.  The Repo is there to provide the tools for those behind the events to prefer open-communication and tracing. Open Source is meant to be seen, the raw, the horrible, the awesome, the everything.   JakartaONE Livestream is not the exception to vacuum collaboration, with 4 in the past, it must only become better and that starts with the communities that choose to own the work. 
As such, choosing to become a Steward to pilot a new JakartaONE takes humility, unity, transparency, and formidable grit.  To ask questions, openly-- to prefer the usage of the tools, to add improvements, to help iterate, to welcome others to join and feel valued.  

I believe getting OSSBruises is healthy, fun & always OK when we choose to learn and collaborate in a flat contributing structure.  :)  
ByCommunityForCommunity = JakartaONE Livestreams.  That means YOU and anyone anywhere! 

I hope the above helps,  abrazos!

On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 6:18 AM Tanja Obradovic <tanja.obradovic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Constantin,

we would welcome french speaking JakartaOne Livestream! Should you and french java and java enterprise development comunity be interested in that, please feel free to get in touch. To star with please refer to website to lean about past and upcoming events and also how you can organize one in your language and region. Please read document under  "ORGANIZING REGIONAL JAKARTAONE LIVESTREAMS EVENTS" section.

We'll be happy to hear from you and the french community!



On 2020-11-09 7:21 a.m., Constantin DRABO wrote:
Hello Amelia; 
Is not there any slot for french speakers?

Le ven. 6 nov. 2020 à 23:41, Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
Happy November Jakartees, 

This ecosystem has completed 3 JakartaONE Livestreams with the committees' effort and the communities (volunteers, speakers, JUGs, individuals... ) involved in each event. 

JakartaONE English coming in Dec 2020 will help us close this hectic/scary year.  Most importantly, it will celebrate the Jakarta EE 9 Release. BUT it doesn't mean that it is the most important JakartaONE. Every JakartaONE is equally important and deserving of notice without favoritism. 

That said, 
[JakartaONE Champions Program- THANK YOU] Swag request for Committee & Speakers #221 describes the Jakarta EE Champions program that already started last year but was soft on coming together JakartaONE is a new activity that can only take shape as our communities come together to make it live. 

The ticket welcomes any Jakartee to submit new ideas, add comments, brainstorm... what we dream can be possible if we understand its value and how it scales not to leave others behind. 

Related tickets applicable:
Thanking via tokens that mean something matters.  

The Jakarta EE Champions Program can acquire the features from many other amazing Thank Community programs in existence today.  It can be light, transparent, welcoming, and truly #ossKind while ruthless at adjusting itself based on the ecosystem's open-communication & feedback to match our community's future expansion. 

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