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Re: [] [Questions for the Steering Committee] Jakarta EE 9 Announcement: A United blog IS NEEDED


There is 1 person hired full time as a writer under the Jakarta EE project.  For us not to have a formalized and signed Jakarta EE Working Group signed blog that gets into the laps of the Marketing committee before approval (3rd eyes) by the steering committee in super important announcements seems an oversight on our part. 

It is not about who does it, we have a dedicated person to do this, it is about us caring enough to properly curate a message on behalf of the Project itself that it is signed, which means reviewed---    Jakarta EE Working Group. 

Normalizing the process of announcement is where my head is at.   As such, you as chosen by the Jakarta EE Committers must ask others what they think about this. Instead, you speak on behalf of yourself Werner. You must represent others as your seat demands you to do so. :)  Otherwise, what you might choose to say will only be YOU, alone and not representative of what you are meant to protect and do for this ecosystem. 

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 3:37 PM Werner Keil <werner.keil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Amelia,

Not exactly sure, what you're suggesting that isn't already there under a UNITED blog address ?
There are plenty of blog posts, like also quotes some of the member companies including Tomitribe.

Those posts are written either by media agencies or people working directly for Eclipse Foundation like Ivar.
What's actually been done by the WGs is collaboratively documented and written mostly in Google Docs, I don't see how all members of the committees would translate that info a blog, I think we have more important things to focus on like getting the remaining tasks and deliverables of Jakarta EE 9 out in time.

Then someone can write another blog about it, but I don't think everyone in the WG or committees really has time to contribute to that or gets paid for doing this.

As for linking other blogs, there is probably a way to point to them from if it's not done already.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 12:13 AM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
oh and to make that announcement blog much more representative, all blogs from organizations need to be added to tell the story :) 

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 3:02 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hola Jakartees assigned to seat on the Steering Committee, 

Disclosure, I don't hold a seat on the Steering Committee by choice so that I can freely provide open feedback to this Community as a Jakartee and shed light on things that potentially need further attention and discussion. 
I believe sometimes we forget how it feels when we don't know stuff.  Sometimes, we grow accustomed to have so much data but what if we didn't have that information.   Shedding light on stuff and openly wondering and asking about such things, matters to me. I hope that it matters to most of you here as well. 

As such

First question: Why was there NOT a UNITED blog announcement with the signature -- Jakarta EE Working Group?
  • individuals blogs are a fantastic contribution to shed light by that contributor or organization that might choose to share insights to their work & in-rich the story. 
  • On the Jakarta EE 9 release,  many of us chose to share because #writingTHEtalk is actually caring. 
Second question: Can we fix the lack of the missing formal WG blog and write a blog that is representative of the true efforts, many of which went unseen? 
  •  When anyone reads the article below with respect to Diversity, Achieved, what does it tell you if you have no seat on any of the 3 Committees?  
  •  Jakarta EE Is Taking Off - BLOG  Lets focus on section Diversity, Achieved.   

On important blog announcements for the Jakarta EE project, I think about the Participant members, I think about anyone watching that might want to contribute by joining the WorkingGroup but won't because that group, the Participants, never get highlighted on anything with respect to important Jakarta EE announcements. I think about how we might choose to state numbers as a priority. I think about who is not watching careful enough to because there is no such a UNITED blog that is representative of this beautiful ecosystem. 

There is an issue, I am choosing to highlight it with this message. 

Contributing to Jakarta EE goes beyond code. 

Let's write a blog release announcement that truly shows a 365 story that is reflective on everyone's efforts.  
An announcement that is most caring & most understanding of the fact that many organizations work ONLY on a few Jakarta EE Specifications, that to compare to Oracle formidable contributions- you must be partnering with Oracle by working on Eclipse GlassFish, etc... 

There is more that meets the eye in Open Source. When we shed light into the things that might not be known, that ought to be known,  we are choosing to become much more responsible and as a result, our ownership as Contributors & Users increases. 
Open Source Contributing is beautiful because it is the ecosystem that allows everyone to play from the people who produce it to the companies that use it. 

Companies that make latest Jakarta EE 9 progress possible, aside from the many Jakarta EE wonderful individual contributors,  at the time of this release are 16 organizations:  Jakarta EE Members.  


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