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[] Moving Forward Cargo Tracker


Now that Jakarta EE 9 is spinning down, this is the right time for Theo and myself to begin moving forward Cargo Tracker (though for me Jakarta EE 10 and the Jakarta EE Ambassadors remains a higher priority). If you wish to join us, you are most welcome (do note though that we are not quite ready to accept contributions yet - I will make a specific call to action shortly):

Project mailing list:


The first order of business is general cleanup and the first release targeting Java EE 7. This will include moving the website and documentation from it's temporary home here: We will then create a second release incorporating key Jakarta EE 8 features (I started that work here: Next we will have a release targeting Jakarta EE 9. After that, we will move forward on the longer pending parts of our roadmap:

Reza Rahman
Jakarta EE Ambassador, Author, Blogger, Speaker

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