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[] Jakarta EE Update call June 10th

Hello Jakarta EE Community,

thanks to all who attend the call today, and apologies for all the technical difficulties we had.  Our guess is, beside the connection issues on my end, that all the virtual meetup platforms are going through some channeling times as we all are. For people viewing the reply in crowdcast, please skip the struggling parts :). Once we upload to youtube we will cut all "difficult parts" and try to forget about it :).

The files used on the call today can be found in this folder, so you can get the information that way also. Please find teh information there on TCK work, Jakarta EE 9 Release update, request for adoption from products and tools.

I also want to draw your attention to items we did not have much time to cover as update from Eclipse Foundation (slide deck available in the folder), but in particular

  • Friends of Jakarta EE Monthly Call
Fourth Wednesday of the Month - June 24th is the first call!
    11:00 AM Eastern Time


  • Jakarta EE 9 Milestone Release Party
    • Heads up for now…. Date to be announced VERY shortly
    • Panel with leaders working on the Jakarta EE 9 release
    • Call for action for the community regarding the Milestone Release
      • Download MR and run your app
      • Use transformer project for namespace changes
      • Report issues
      • Proofread spec document
      • Make a cupcake + print a flag + take a picture and share with us on social media!

Flags and Social Media cards:

Hope this helps!

Best Regards and thanks for your patience!



Tanja Obradovic

Jakarta EE Program Manager | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Twitter: @TanjaEclipse

Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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