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Re: [] Fork Eclipse MicroProfile Configuration as Jakarta Configuration.

On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 12:32 PM Mike Milinkovich
<mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am confused. Why was it reasonable to create a JCP JSR for Config in 2017, but doing similar in Jakarta EE in 2020 is completely crazy? I was part of those discussions at the time, and was advised that Config was mature enough to be stabilized 2.5 years ago.

IMO it wasn't reasonable in 2017, because JCP is not (and has never
been) a reasonable route for such things (after all, this is why we
have MP and Jakarta today).  It's also not reasonable in 2020 because
of the existence of MP Config.  As far as being advised that Config
was mature enough 2.5 years ago, I'd say that that turned out to be
shown to be untrue empirically: we've found multiple significant
flaws, shortcomings, and errors in the specification which
necessitated incompatible changes to fix.  All the more reason to
encourage the MP group to continue its work (or even better,
participate, particularly if you have knowledge or experience in the
field as either an implementer or a user).

If the goal really is stability, you're not going to find a better way
to that goal than what we're doing now, IMO.  Any other goal seems
awfully cynical to me.

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