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[iot-wg] [CALL FOR CONTENT] Eclipse IoT Newsletter - February 2019

Dear IoT Working Group,

The February issue of the IoT newsletter is set to be sent on February 26th and I am doing the last call for your contributions, particularly new project releases, blogs, videos, and articles. I have extended the content deadline to this Friday, February 15th. 

Blog and article requirements: 
- Format = posted on your blog or your company's blog
- Length = 500 words or more, but it really depends on the content.
- Visual-aids are always a good idea (images, gifs, videos, code snippets, etc).
- The article should be technical but written in a way so that beginners and advanced users can understand it.

If you would like to contribute, please send me an email directly. 

Thank you very much.


Jameka Woodberry

EU & IoT Marketing Lead | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH

**Participate in this year's IoT Developer Survey**

Annastr. 46, D-64673 Zwingenberg

Handelsregister: Darmstadt HRB 92821

Managing Directors: Ralph Mueller, Mike Milinkovich, Chris Laroque

Follow me on: Twitter/LinkedIn

Mobile: +49 157 5 8389252

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