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[iot-wg] 2019 IoT Developer Survey Timeline

Dear all,

For your information and given in the IoT WG call today, here is the timeline for the 2019 IoT Developer Survey:

  • January 31st: incorporateÂFINALÂedits in doc
  • February 6th: Copy survey from last year and update questionsÂsurveymonkey.comÂ
  • February 8th: Launch survey (eclipse.orgiot.eclipse.org, @EclipseIoT TW handle )
  • February 8th: Ask IoT members to promote it (create their own link onÂsurveymonkey.comÂ- provide linkÂcollectors to enable tracking)
  • March 8th: Close Survey
    • Analysis (trends vs 2018) & design + layoutÂ
  • April 1st: Publish results onÂeclipse.orgiot.eclipse.org, @EclipseIoT TW handle
If you have any questions, feelÂfree to let me know.Â


Jameka Woodberry

EU & IoT Marketing Lead | Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH



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