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Re: [incubation] Missing membership to Eclipse Microprofile group

On 2019-01-02 1:19 p.m., Andy Guibert wrote:
I was recently voted in as a committer to the Eclipse Microprofile project here:

However, I have not yet been added to the hidden "eclipse-microprofile" team on GitHub, which would grant me committer access to the MicroProfile projects. I believe this is because I am still not listed as a member here:

Since my committer election was successful, is there some additional step I need to complete in order to be added to the Microprofile group?

I see another new MicroProfile member raised the same question back in October here:
And I did confirm that my Eclipse account is linked to my Github ID here:

Also, another member, Matej Novotny, was voted in as a committer at the same time as me and is probably having the same issue. Here is a link to his committer election:


We (the Eclipse Foundation staff) shut down for the holidays and are just coming back to the office starting today. Looks like your committer election ended just around the time that we downed tools. I could be wrong, but my guess is that these are simply in the queue for processing.

Apologies for the delay, and welcome to our community!


Mike Milinkovich

Executive Director | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.



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