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[incubation] Missing membership to Eclipse Microprofile group

I was recently voted in as a committer to the Eclipse Microprofile project here:

However, I have not yet been added to the hidden "eclipse-microprofile" team on GitHub, which would grant me committer access to the MicroProfile projects. I believe this is because I am still not listed as a member here:

Since my committer election was successful, is there some additional step I need to complete in order to be added to the Microprofile group?

I see another new MicroProfile member raised the same question back in October here:
And I did confirm that my Eclipse account is linked to my Github ID here:

Also, another member, Matej Novotny, was voted in as a committer at the same time as me and is probably having the same issue. Here is a link to his committer election:


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