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[incubation] Keyple - Publishing to Maven Central

Dear Eclipse members,

At Calypso Network Association, we are building the Keyple SDK to help public transport organizations (and other services) to share smartcard/NFC among cities/countries. 

We recently joined the Eclipse foundation, so we would like to leverage the possibilies offered by the CBI.
After reading the wiki, I still have doubt about Maven Artifact Publishing.

This is our CI context : 
- Right now we are using our own Github account + Circle CI to build our jars and android aars. Artifacts are then published back to Github, we do not publish on Maven nor Nexus yet. Apart from the Open Source Keyple SDK we have others projects with CI workflow on CircleCI, those projects are not meant to be public.

I understood that we can publish to maven central through our (not configured yet) jenking JIPP. 
Can we build our artifacts with CircleCI, send them to Jenkins and then publish to Maven?

Thanks in advance for your answers :-)

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