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Re: [incubation] Keyple - Publishing to Maven Central

Hi Olivier,

Glad to see our paths crossing again, it's been a while!

Have you considered using the OSSHR sonatype Nexus instance, that can
host any OSS project and mirror content to Central? That seems much
simpler than going through Jenkins and CBI@xxxxxxxxxxx if you're
already using external services.
Or maybe the EclipseCBI Nexus instance can be accessed externally and
mirror to Maven Central, making it on par with OSSHR ?


On 9/27/18, Olivier Delcroix <odelcroi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Eclipse members,
> At Calypso Network Association, we are building the Keyple SDK
> <> to help public transport organizations (and other
> services) to share smartcard/NFC among cities/countries.
> We recently joined the Eclipse foundation, so we would like to leverage
> the possibilies offered by the CBI.
> After reading the wiki, I still have doubt about Maven Artifact Publishing.
> This is our CI context :
> - Right now we are using our own Github account + Circle CI to build our
> jars and android aars. Artifacts are then published back to Github, we do
> not publish on Maven nor Nexus yet. Apart from the Open Source Keyple SDK
> we
> have others projects with CI workflow on CircleCI, those projects are not
> meant to be public.
> I understood that we can publish to maven central through our (not
> configured yet) jenking JIPP.
> Can we build our artifacts with CircleCI, send them to Jenkins and then
> publish to Maven?
> Thanks in advance for your answers :-)
> Olivier

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE <>
developer, for Red Hat Developers <>

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