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[incubation] Deletion of outdated IP log records

Hi incubators and experts on incubation :-)


I have a question how to delete IP log entries which are no longer valid / not being used any more.

There can be several reasons for that:

- Update of a dependency so that an older IP log entry with an old version is obsolete

- A dependency was removed as a replacement was found or for other reasons


In the “IP Log” tools of the project page I don’t find any functionality to delete an IP log entry.

And in IPZilla I don’t see a “withdraw” button for CQs which were already approved.


How do you handle that?



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Thomas Jaeckle

Engineering Cloud Services 1 Bosch IoT Things (INST/ECS1)
Bosch Software Innovations GmbH | Ziegelei 7 | 88090 Immenstaad | GERMANY
Tel. +49 7545 202-300 | Fax +49 7545 202-301 | thomas.jaeckle@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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