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Re: [ide-dev] Link from inside Eclipse IDE to how to contribute


  • New RSS feed can be added via plugin.xml
  • It was added to 
    • give the EF the ability to send important (IDE related) information to its users
    • give Eclipse projects the ability to inform their users about product news, updates, articles etc.
  • Itâs integrated into the Java and the Committer Package
  • I think rss feeds specialised for committer package and for java package users would be very useful
  • "How to contribute" guides would be a good item for that feed, IMHO

If you have technical questions please let Andreas Sewe know. Heâs the technical lead on this component.

â Marcel

On 4. Oct 2017, at 16:21, Doug Schaefer <dschaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I believe the RSS feed is acceptable because it provides useful information to the user. It may not always be relevant but it usually technical.
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This morning I noticed that occasionally Eclipse pops up a little non-modal bubble from the feeds:

Quite a few I bet!   Such a feed could include an occasional "funding drive", or "how to get involved" drive, or whatever clever marketing idea you or someone else might have in the future.