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Re: [ide-dev] a "Preview" view anywhere in Eclipse IDE?


e(fx)clipse has such a "feature". We have a "Preview" of Editor-Content
and do that by using the Adapter-System. As the interchange format we
use FXML.

We show a preview of everything that adapts to our interface (currently
it is our XML-Editor and an Xtext-Editor) and then listen for the dirty
event of the editor to refresh the preview.


On 04.05.17 11:44, Mickael Istria wrote:
>     - What about synchronization?
> Same as outline I'd say, the preview would be supposed to either listen
> to document change (to react to any change) or resource change (to react
> to save), and to also honor selection.
>     Mylyn wikitext provides what you talk about, but it is disappointing
>     that the rendered 'HTML' is not editable. You need some kind of
>     traceability to allow at least simple edits, such as String change
>     to back propagate.
> That's fine, as I don't think a preview should be editable. If it's
> editable, then it deserves to be in the editor, not in a separate view.
>     Many years ago, I tried to create a multi-page editor in which a
>     text sheet supported text editing and a GEF sheet gave a graphical
>     equivalent. It was really hard; the platform support for multiple
>     pages, particularly graphical pages, seemed missing. I suspect that
>     an SVG edit would require exactly this kind of text/graphic multi-sheet
> I also tried a preview mechanism for GMF Tooling Figure model editor.
> However, while I initially tried a multi-page editor, I abandoned it
> fully because for a preview, I do want to see the changes as I type,
> without have to click on a tab. (Just like outline once again).
> I ended up replacing the usual TreeViewer of Outline with the preview of
> the currently selected figure, which was really making the preview
> approach more pleasant to use. But I think it's not really what's
> expected from Outline, hence why I ask about whether such a view is
> already there.
> I have Wikitext installed but don't see a view that seems like a
> "Preview" (only the wikitext editor has a preview tab). Am I missing
> something?
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