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Re: [ide-dev] a "Preview" view anywhere in Eclipse IDE?

- What about synchronization?

Same as outline I'd say, the preview would be supposed to either listen to document change (to react to any change) or resource change (to react to save), and to also honor selection.

Mylyn wikitext provides what you talk about, but it is disappointing that the rendered 'HTML' is not editable. You need some kind of traceability to allow at least simple edits, such as String change to back propagate.

That's fine, as I don't think a preview should be editable. If it's editable, then it deserves to be in the editor, not in a separate view.

Many years ago, I tried to create a multi-page editor in which a text sheet supported text editing and a GEF sheet gave a graphical equivalent. It was really hard; the platform support for multiple pages, particularly graphical pages, seemed missing. I suspect that an SVG edit would require exactly this kind of text/graphic multi-sheet

I also tried a preview mechanism for GMF Tooling Figure model editor. However, while I initially tried a multi-page editor, I abandoned it fully because for a preview, I do want to see the changes as I type, without have to click on a tab. (Just like outline once again).
I ended up replacing the usual TreeViewer of Outline with the preview of the currently selected figure, which was really making the preview approach more pleasant to use. But I think it's not really what's expected from Outline, hence why I ask about whether such a view is already there.

I have Wikitext installed but don't see a view that seems like a "Preview" (only the wikitext editor has a preview tab). Am I missing something?