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Re: [ide-dev] a "Preview" view anywhere in Eclipse IDE?


(Presumably by "rendered" file as one type, you meant "rendered" file as a further view.)

Yes, but of course a good idea spurs many further possibilities.

- I would call it "Derived View" and allow more than one. For an edited OCL file, there are two alternate abstract syntax trees, which could be rendered as trees/XMI text/....)

- What about synchronization?

Mylyn wikitext provides what you talk about, but it is disappointing that the rendered 'HTML' is not editable. You need some kind of traceability to allow at least simple edits, such as String change to back propagate.

Many years ago, I tried to create a multi-page editor in which a text sheet supported text editing and a GEF sheet gave a graphical equivalent. It was really hard; the platform support for multiple pages, particularly graphical pages, seemed missing. I suspect that an SVG edit would require exactly this kind of text/graphic multi-sheet.


        Ed Willink

On 04/05/2017 09:23, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi all,

I've got a few use-cases recently for a "Preview" view in the Eclipse IDE, which would allow to show a preview of the "rendered" file as one type. Some potential use-cases:
* TextMate grammar result
* HTML edition
* SVG edition
* Java dialogs and so on (a bit like what WindowBuilder is able to show from Java code introspection)
* GEF EditPart
* ...whatever can be rendered...
I imagine it a bit like the Outline view, except that the idea is to call it "Preview" and keep Outline dedicated to navigation.

Is anyone aware of an Eclipse project already providing a similar view we could reuse? Would it be welcome to host such a view in Platform UI?


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