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Re: [ide-dev] Auto content assist

On 04/21/2017 02:14 PM, Fabio Zadrozny wrote:
1. Highly tune completions for speed (if it's slow to compute, it becomes annoying to use -- async can help, but it has to be tested, it may end up being annoying to use anyways).
2. Don't apply the completion on '.' (rather, put a dot at that point and request a new completion -- maybe there's a way to do this, but I didn't really search much due to point 1.)
Those are exactly the same 2 issues that I believe make auto-content assist in JDT not good for most users, and not as good as the one of VSCode or IJ. I just believe async content assist would help for 1; and also didn't find a way to work around 2.

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