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[ide-dev] March update about activity at @EclipseJavaIDE


A quick report on the second month of activity of the Twitter account @EclipseJavaIDE using numbers from Twitter analytics. 

The highlight is a dramatic (70%) increase in mentions. Most typically we see tweets like . The handle is becoming a go-to account to mean 'the IDE' in the dense web of the things you mean when you say Eclipse. This is useful in many ways, most importantly to have a grip on feedback.

The number of impressions (number of times people see our tweets) has remained relatively stable in the area of 100K per month. See attached screenshot for the top-tweets this month. Winner is the Ctrl+1 shortcut hint for 'alternative' help, not just error-fixing.

Number of followers increased by around 40% to over 700. Demographics (nature of followers) remained stable similar to last month.

That's pretty much it. It is of great help to have an occasional retweet as that is by far the best way to broaden our reach.

Thank you,

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