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Re: [ide-dev] An EclipseIDE social media account?

On 02/01/2017 04:18 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
What does the splash screen say when you start up the IDE? It says “eclipse”. That’s what the millions of Eclipse users see and that’s what they call it.
There were some interest in changing it: . The discussion on the bug has diverged, but I'll try to refocus it and see whether this could be the 1st spash screen saying `Eclipse IDE`.
Please follow or comment there.

If you want to change that perception in the market, then come up with a new name and spend the proper marketing dollars so that everyone gets it. Though at this point it might be easier to rename the Foundation :).
+1. Unfortunately, the Eclipse IDE is currently full of good motivated developers but lacks marketing (compared to some other related products). Some of us try to keep the project/product alive on Twitter, but it's a scattered and messy effort. An @EclipseIDE account would be a way to centralize some of those efforts and to give them more visibility and impact. This requires no marketing dollar to get started on the developers' time; but at some point, it would be fair to see this account as well provisioned and maintained by the Foundation as the @EclipseIoT one.
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