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Re: [ide-dev] An EclipseIDE social media account?



I would prefer to just use the Eclipse Foundation account. If people want to send relevant links to news@xxxxxxxxxxx we can make sure they get posted.


That being said, lots of Eclipse projects run their own twitter accounts so if someone on the JDT project wants to setup a twitter account that would be consistent to what other projects have done.




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Subject: [ide-dev] An EclipseIDE social media account?


Hi all,

At the moment, there are social media account for the Eclipse Foundation, targeting all projects in the Foundation. I'm wondering whether it would be interesting to create an "EclipseIDE" account to share more details about Eclipse IDE N&N and share external publications about the Eclipse IDE (such as ).

Would it be useful? Could someone at the Foundation take care of it -and of digging for external content about Eclipse IDE-?


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