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Re: [ide-dev] An EclipseIDE social media account?

> Ok, and what about an "EclipseIDE" account then? I'd be glad to start one and
> see where it goes.

I second this idea and would also be glad to invest my time in it. I feel time and again that, with regard to exclusively IDE topics and news, we are consistently failing to tap the potential of Twitter and other social media. If I'm Joe Developer who needs a Java IDE and I follow the EF twitter account I get a lot of content irrelevant to me which makes it very tempting to unfollow. I do see value in the EF twitter account in showcasing our very valuable heterogeneity in offerings but the fact remains that the Java IDE is our main attraction and it needs a dedicated channel.

We are structuring our channels along the lines of _our_ structural concepts like projects, working groups etc. But this is irrelevant and not interesting to consumers which usually are interested in far simpler concepts like Java IDE for which I dare to make the assumption that is not directly connected in most people's mind with 'JDT project', especially potential newcomers which have to make a choice of IDE.

All in all I think it is appropriate and needed to have a very focused campaign on showcasing exclusively our Java IDE features. The competition is fierce in this area from our competitors and my opinion is we are lacking there.


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