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[ide-dev] FYI: An interesting note on Eclipse vs. IntelliJ ...

Hi fellow PMC & IDE list,


I found the below notes interesting, related to

-          Eclipse project/build system is hard to repair if it breaks

-          IntelliJ unstable API sucks for extenders

Read the full thread if you are interested.

It might make sense asking the submitter some questions about “confused complex projects” to improve on that end … maybe recommending AERI to him would also provide some insight. The google group should be open for submissions.





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Owner – Development Tools, Wind River

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From: <douglas.alan@xxxxxxxxx> on behalf of Douglas Alan <doug@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Tuesday 4 October 2016 at 21:01
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Subject: Re: [Emacs+ Discussion: 369] Re: Emacs+ for Intellij 2016.2?


Hi Mark,


I'm sorry to hear that Intellij makes supporting plugins so problematic! I've been happily using Emacs+ for Intellij for the past 6 months or so, and I have been very thankful for it.


Before that, I used Emacs+ for Eclipse for quite a few years. I'm very sure that Emacs+ preserved my sanity and my fingers since I'd be hopeless trying to retrain my fingers after decades of Emacs use.


I switched to IntelliJ because everyone else in my group switched to it, leaving me the sole Eclipse user. After a year or two of that, I figured I should join the Bork Collective.


With all the raving I've heard about IntilliJ, I was expecting it to be a huge improvement over Eclipse. In some ways it is, but in other ways it's significantly worse. Ultimately, I think it's a net wash. The only really big improvement that Intellij has over Eclipse for me, is that when Intellij gets in a confused state about our complex projects, it seems as if getting it to be unconfused is pretty easy. While for Eclipse, it might take me an entire day of fiddling to get it unconfused. That alone is a godsend.


In any case, thanks for the hard work on Emacs+ for both platforms! It has been muchly appreciated by me.



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On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 2:19 PM, Mark <mcfeber@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Doug,


   The approach that worked (relatively) well under Eclipse, does not really apply to IntelliJ.  In general, Emacs+ does not try to reinvent the wheel; it just tries to make the wheel rounder using the existing platform bits.  In Eclipse, those bits were pretty stable from Europa up to the conversion to e4 in Kepler.  The same is not true for IntelliJ.  In its code base, there are major refactorings from release to release, not to mention the periodic updates, name changes to no apparent purpose, signature and method changes with no deprecation, etc.  That's fair - it's open source and open season, but it makes the support of intellemacs problematic. 


    It is probably the case that someone would have to bake in the emacs behavior in the IntelliJ source code, but I'm not currently volunteering.  


    I am now thinking that I should remove it, since I never wound up using IntelliJ for real (which is what originally kicked off the development), and it is currently badly broken with the new release.  Outside of a few atta-boys, there hasn't been much interest shown in intellemacs anyway.




On Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 10:42:46 AM UTC-7, Douglas Alan wrote:

Hi? Does the current version of Emacs+ for Intellij work with the current version of Intellij? I've been holding off on upgrading Intellij for the past couple of months for fear that it doesn't.





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