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[ide-dev] Interest in conference calls?

Hey gang,

This came up at the Architecture Council meeting today. There are a lot of cool things happening in the IDE space at Eclipse. The Language Server Protocol started by Microsoft but now being adopted by all Eclipse IDEs really opens the door to innovation while maintaining the advanced IDE features we all love. It’s a great architecture that allows us to experiment with new backends and new frontends independently and have them all work together. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about all this :).

To marshall all this progress and new ideas, I think we need to organize a bit more as an Eclipse IDE community, or at least have regular times where we can get together on the phone and chat about these things, give presentations and demos, and create a greater buzz and hopefully grow our numbers.

As a start, would people here be interested in regular conference calls? We should be able to grab a channel on the Eclipse conference server. We could at least start with one and see if we find value in it. The LSP would be a great first topic. We could also bring up UX guidelines issues and talk through some of them. We could get updates from the various language projects and the different front end projects (Che and Orion, for example) and share our visions and find commonality. Lots of things we could do.

Thoughts? And Thanks!